1. Products sold by SurplusDrivesUK Ltd (the Company) are purchased with one of the following:

    1. Manufacturer Warranty: Products purchased from the Company that carry manufacturer warranty (Manufacture Products)

    2. End of Life Products: products purchased from the Company, which are no longer being manufactured by the manufacturer and/or do not have any manufacturer warranty or warranty under law (End of Life Products).

Warranties/Limitation to Liability

  1. The Company provides no warranty, nor is it subject to any liability with regard to warranties for any and all Manufacture Products. For the avoidance of doubt any claims on the warranties of a Manufacture Products should be made directly to the manufacturer.


  1. End of Life Products have a six month limited warranty from the Company (Warranty) from the date of purchase. The Warranty covers any damage to the product during storage at the Company’s premises and during transit or delivery to your premises by such delivery services as nominated by the Company. The Warranty shall not cover any damage to the End of Life Product caused by you, any employee of your company and/or any agent nominated by you to deliver, move, store or deal with the End of Life Product in any way.


Return and Refund

  1. In order to claim against a Warranty, you must notify the Company of such claim in writing (including email) and provide the Company with the serial number of the End of Life Product within 5 Business Days’ of becoming aware of damage to the End of Life Product. You shall provide any such information and/or proof of damage as is reasonably requested by the Company.


  1. For the avoidance of any doubt a failure to notify the Company within the time period set out above, a failure to provide the correct and accurate serial number and/or failure to provide any information as reasonably requested by the Company shall deem the Warranty and any Additional Warranty null and void.


  1. The Company shall within 5 Business Days of receipt of all information requested in paragraphs 1 and 2 above confirm to you, in writing (including email), that they have received the claim and whether it has been verified (Claim).


  1. The Company shall, within 30 days’ of confirmation of a verified Claim, at its complete discretion:

    1. deliver to you a replacement End of Life Product of a similar age, make and model as the original End of Life Product;

    2. Fix the End of Life Product once it is returned by you; or

    3. refund you in full the purchase price of the damaged End of Life Product.