• 581284-B21 HP 450GB 2.5" SFF 6G Dual Port SAS 10K RPM Hot Plug Hard Drive HP Spare 581310-001 - New

    £229.09 £99.09

    581284-B21 is the HP retail number for the product described as 450GB 2.5" SFF 6G Dual Port SAS 10K RPM Hot Plug Hard Drive.

    HP Option Part #: 581284-B21 | HP Spare Part #: 581310-001 | GPN: 507129-012

    Model #: EG0450FBDBT, EG0450FBDSQ, EG0450FBLSF

    Assembly Part #: 597609-002, 599476-002, 619286-002

    Compatible with: BL20p G4, BL25p G2, BL45p G2, BL460c G1/G5/G6/G7, BL465c G1/G5/G6/G7, BL480c, BL620c G7, BL680c G5/G7, BL685c G1/G5/G6/G7, BL860c, BL870c, DL1000, DL120 G7, DL160 G6, DL160se G6, DL165 G7, DL170e G6, DL170h G6, DL180 G6, DL320 G6, DL360 G4p/G5/G6/G7, DL365 G1/G5, DL370 G6, DL380 G4/G5/G6/G7, DL385 G1/G2/G5/G5p/G6/G7, DL580 G3/G4/G5/G7, DL585 G1/G2/G5/G6/G7, DL785 G5/G6, DL980 G7, ML350 G5/G6, ML370 G4/G5/G6, ML570 G3/G4, SL390s G7, WS460c G6, and possibly others

    Specifications:Hard Drive Capacity: 450GB

    Generation: SASExternal

    Data Transfer Rate: 6.0 GB/secRotational

    Speed: 10,000 rpm

    Form Factor (Drive): 2.5-inch low

    profileInterface: SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)

    Data Storage Device Type: SAS (Server Attached Storage) device

    Hard Drive Device Type: Hard drive for server/storage unit (Hot-plug)

    Height: 0.591"Width: 2.75"

    Hotswap Tray: Included (Attached)