• 652589-B21 HP 900GB 6G SAS 10K rpm 2.5" SFF SC Enterprise Hard Drive (HP Spare #: 653971-001) - New

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    652589-B21, is the HP retail number for the product described as 900GB 6G SAS 10K rpm 2.5" SFF SC Enterprise Hard Drive. 

    HP Option Part #: 652589-B21

    HP Spare Part #: 653971-001

    Model #: EG0900FBLSK, EG0900FCVBL, EG0900FCSPN, EG0900FDJYR, EG0900FCHHV, EG0900FBVFQ

    Assembly Part #: 619286-004, 693569-004, 689287-004, 718159-001, 666355-004, 641552-004

    Compatible with: BL420c Gen8, BL460c Gen8/Gen9, BL465c Gen8, BL660c Gen8, DL120 Gen9, DL160 Gen8/Gen9, DL180 Gen9, DL320e Gen8/v2, DL360 Gen9, DL360e Gen8, DL360p Gen8/SE, DL380 Gen9, DL380e Gen8, DL380p Gen8, DL385p Gen8, DL388 Gen9, DL560 Gen8, DL580 Gen8, ML150 Gen9, ML310e Gen8/v2, ML350 Gen9, ML350e Gen8, ML350p Gen8, SL230s Gen8, SL250s Gen8, SL270s Gen8, WS460c Gen8, XL220a Gen8 v2, XL230a Gen9, and possibly others.


    Average Seek Time: 3.8 ms

    Bytes per Sector: 512

    Data Transfer Rate: 600 MBps

    Form Factor (Short) (metric): 6.4 cm

    Hard Drive Type: Hot-swap hard drive

    Max Seek Time: 7.4 ms

    Spindle Speed: 10000 rpm

    Storage Interface: Serial Attached SCSI 2

    Track-to-Track Seek Time: 0.21 ms

    Max Operating Temperature: 95 °F

    Min Operating Temperature: 50 °F

    Dimensions (W x D x H) : 7.57 x 11.87 x 1.56 cm

    Weight : 0.45 kg

    Capacity : 900 GB

    Interface : SAS

    Connectivity : Single-Port

    Hot Plug Drive Tray Style: Smart Carrier (SC | Gen8, Gen9)